As a brand that is at the forefront of the quartz surfaces manufacturing industry, we want to share our enthusiasm and diverse ingenuity that inspires us. Combining superior quality with cutting-edge technology, high performance comes as a standard. Stain, heat and scratch resistant, Colorquartz surfaces offer the ultimate versatility, easy fabrication, and installation for a wide range of applications, allowing you to design the perfect interior environment. Whether you are a professional designer or simply looking to fashion a unique personal interior of self-expression, Colorquartz is the starting point for all your creative endeavors.

Why Choose Colorquartz

Going further to reach even higher levels of quality and performance. Beautifully engineered for everyday life!


Our Vision

At Colorquartz, our vision is to become the global leader in providing the highest quality surfaces products to the widest and most diverse range of customers


Our Values

Colorquartz has a commitment to, sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way, innovation, excellence, and above all else, quality you can depend on, and doing good for our customers - integrity, reliability and trust


Our Mission statement

As a family run business, our creative designs that are appealing to a wide range of consumers are built on a foundation of quality supported by three decades of continued tradition that we are proud to call Colorquartz

Our Collection

At New England Tile we are proudly presenting to you Colorquartz countertop selections.

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