Natural Stones

Bringing you all of your favorite stones. From Granite, to Marble, to Quartzite and Limestone! Check out the durability and characteristics of each stone that is best suited for you and your family.

Which to Choose?

Not sure what kind of countertop will work best for you? Let us help you pick the material that will work best for you and your family.

We will go into a bit of depth about some materials of countertops, so you will have a better idea and understanding about how your surfaces will hold up to your lifestyle.


Granite is a naturally dense and hard stone, with high resistance to heat and wear. It is available in a wide range of colors, the stone’s density allows for a multitude of finishes, a duality that lends well to creating custom made spaces, whether indoors and outdoors.


Marble offers a wide diversity of colors to choose from, including rich browns and bright whites, and is known for its elegant veining. From bathroom and kitchen countertops to flooring and facades, marble is sure to give any project a high quality upgrade.


Quartzite is hard in nature and possesses higher resistance to damage from daily wear and chemicals. It has soft, coloring and veining in a wide variety of colors, from cream to blue. Their delicate movement and superior strength make them quite desirable for both countertops and back splashes.


Limestone is a unique, natural beauty and often contains fossils of marine life. Available in a range of earthy neutral tones, this stone is an ideal complement to monochromatic and streamlined looks. Use it to create striking vanity tops, floors, countertops, and even three-dimensional designs.

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